EasyToCheck Software Solutions: Streamlining Business Processes with Cost-Effective CRM Services

CIO Vendor The era of data driven intelligence with CRM has revolutionized customer data management, making it one of the fastest growing categories of enterprise software. Ditching the conventional systems that were unable to process the influx of data, there has been a wide scale adoption of CRM right from SMB to large enterprises where the marketing and sales teams are increasingly adopting CRM technologies to acquire and retain customers and attain new customer-centric insights thereby delivering optimized customer experiences, and helping organizations achieve their business goals.

CRM solutions and customizing the solution according to the specific business needs along with maintenance ideally costs an exorbitant amount and demand a skilled team to deploy such technologies, making businesses shy away from implementing CRM. “Consider a customer buying a product, then he pays for customization services and finally, for ongoing maintenance. In some cases, the customization costs 10 times or more than the actual product cost,” explains Amit Kumar, Founder of EasyToCheck Software Solutions. Perfectly poised to address these challenges, this Noida headquartered company brings to the table ZOHO CRM services that encompass costeffective customization packages.

“Our low cost and highly professional services are the key differentiators for us,” adds Amit. He goes on to elucidate how the customers are introduced with first draft of implementation at no cost, and once the customers are onboard, the team at EasyToCheck, involved in research, development and customer engagement, trains the client on the whole system thus eliminating any dependency on the solution provider for ongoing maintenance. Founded in 2008, EasyToCheck Software Solutions is topmost ZOHO CRM Premium Partner and Creator Certified partner in India. The team extends the limits of normal CRM usage and provides support against implementation of ZOHO Products, ZOHO CRM, ZOHO Creator, ZOHO Support, ZOHO Books and ZOHO Subscriptions. Having attained deep industry knowledge over the decade, the company maintains a huge customer base with over 500 clients spread across USA, UK, Canada, Russia, Japan and India.

With a strong belief that a customer should get the best of both worlds whether it is CRM or custom business applications, EasyToCheck offers a number of CRM integrations with third party applications that enable the customers to avail low cost or no cost integration capabilities. One such notable and successful integration is IndiaMart plug-in. The company has developed a great cross platform integration that seamlessly integrates IndiaMart with ZOHO CRM that is available at a very nominal price for unlimited users in an account. Similarly, they provide zero cost integration capabilities with Bitly, Towerdata, Zerobounce, Rebrandly and many more to follow through their plugin posted on Zoho marketplace. In fact, a few of these plugins are world’s first for any CRM solution except Zoho.

Gaining a strong foothold in this domain, EasyToCheck aims to venture into the Vertical CRM space. “With our domain expertise we will be able to make custom readymade industry specific solutions. This is our vision for the future,” reveals Amit. With two offices in Noida, EasyToCheck envisions creating the perfect balance between project demand and delivery by employing a bigger team of skilled professionals in the near future.